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Magnetic Dry-Erase Glass Board Large or Small mellow pink


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Vendor: Concept Crystal SKU: MGB1_TM_30x60_CC_21_045Categories: Magnetic Boards


• MINIMALISTIC DESIGN - True eyecatcher in every home or office, this frameless Magnetic Dry Erase Glass Board combines the properties of the best professional magnetic whiteboards with the functionality and decorative effects of the colored glass
• MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Fully writable with any dry-erase markers; easily dry-erasable glass surface, no ghosting or staining; magnetic surface enables you to stick to it notes or other accessories with super strong magnets (markers, eraser and magnets included)
• DURABLE TEMPERED GLASS - This unique magnetic board is made of 4mm thick toughened glass, ensuring high quality, sturdiness and durability; sand polished rounded edges offer additional safety to this magnetic glass board
• EASY INSTALLATION - Special mounting holes on the back ferromagnetic layer ensure easy installation with screws and wall anchors (screws and anchors included); it can be mounted horizontally or vertically allowing it to fit in almost any space
• VARIETY OF SIZES AND COLORS - Our Magnetic Dry-Erase Glass Boards are available in many different sizes and in a variety of vibrant and bright colors that easily suit any theme and style at your home or office

Magnetic Dry-Erase Glass Board - a real JEWEL in any interior!

This multifunctional magnetic glass board offers a modern, long-lasting alternative to the traditional whiteboard.
The smooth tempered glass surface of this glass magnetic dry-erase board makes it easy to write on and easy to wipe off. No scrubbing, no smudges left...just one pass with an eraser and gone!
Please note that only extra strong glass-board magnets are suitable with our magnetic glass boards (neo-dynium type). Older magnets, as those black and small or decorative magnets, will not stick to this magnetic glass board.

Please note that glass is naturally greenish or blue toned, so all the bright color boards can have a slightly greenish or blueish tinge.
The colored layer is located under the glass. The technology of welding PVC laminates with glass used in our production guarantees permanent protection of coloring pigments. No oxygen access means NO COLOR FADING, so the colors will stay highly saturated for many years.

The back ferromagnetic layer has four dedicated mounting holes, enabling a secure and easy wall installation. Our magnetic boards are supplied with four screws and anchors suitable for any type of wall, be it plasterboard, drywall, brick or concrete.
Once installed, the board distance to the wall will be approx. 5 mm.
It is important to use the cone head screws with a head diameter of 7-8 mm (5/16” approx.). The smaller size of the screw head can cause the board to fall, while the larger size of the head will not fit into the mounting hole.

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