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Stunning glass wall art - Wide format kitchen backsplash with and without metal back-coating - Tropical Leaves Series: Green monstera deliciosa


Size: 80 cm x 32 cm

  • 80 cm x 32 cm
  • 100 cm x 40 cm
  • 112 cm x 45 cm
  • 125 cm x 50 cm
  • 137 cm x 55 cm
  • 150 cm x 60 cm

Material: Tempered glass

  • Tempered glass
  • Tempered Glass with metal back-coating


  • Glass backsplash (with or without metal back-coating) is an excellent f eature  for contemporary kitchens, which gives an eye-catching effect to your whole interior;   
  • Glass splashbacks serve the functional purpose of protecting your wall while adding elegance and sophistication to your space
  • Metal back-coating turns your glass splashback into a magnetic surface, which allows you to stick to it your notes, recipes, tickets with the use of very strong magnets (neodymium type) and thus have additional space for your daily reminders.  
  • The glass panel (with or without steel backing) is to be fixed to the wall surface and doesn't require any special tools to be applied, no drilling, no screws needed (*adhesive for kitchen panel not included)
  • Scratch and heat resistant Backsplash provides ultra-hygienic and easy to clean surface, with Fading Resistant and UV-resistant colors, Solvent-free, odorless and certified inks
  • Glass panels (w/ or w/o stainless steel backing) are used in kitchen environments and in bathrooms; to be installed on the wall to protect the surface against splashes, stains and other agents, helping you to maintain it clean and tidy.
  • Available measurements (in cm): 80 x 32, 100 x 40; 112 x 45; 125 x 50; 137 x 55 and 150 x 60 
    (IMPORTANT: Before placing the order, please measure exactly your available kitchen space in order to purchase the correct wall panel)        



wideformat gallery


Vast selection of designs and motifs that adapt perfectly to each space and room and create a perfect decoration for a kitchen in any style, both modern and classic. Made of high quality tempered glass, these large and original glass backsplashes will be ideal for all types of homes and their styles.



Our glass panels are a perfect way to decorate any modern kitchen. They will serve as a perfect protection of your kitchen wall surface and protect it from any splashes or stains that happen so often while cooking. Our splashbacks are so much more than that though. They additionally constitute a beautiful decoration of your interiors and feel just like a work of art! Surely they will become a highlight of your kitchen and catch the attention of your guests. And all this is possible while always maintaining an appearance of elegance and good taste thanks to the designs that are perfectly suited to any modern space in our homes.


We offer two versions of our wall panels:

 1. Tempered glass backsplash 

2. Tempered glass backsplash with metal back-coating 


What is the difference between them?

The standard model of our backsplash serves to protect your walls and keep your kitchen clean and tidy and is a decoration for your interior, fulfilling all basic necessities of such a product in your kitchen.

In turn, the model with the metal back-coating can offer much more for your everyday life. First of all, it turns the glass backsplash surface into a much more durable and long-lasting product.

And second, the metal layer behind the glass with magnetic properties enables you to stick to the surface of your splashback your notes, recipes, tickets with the use of magnets* and thus offers you an additional room for your daily reminders, creating for you a very helpful and convenient space to remember about your task or personal things.

*Please have in mind that only strong, neodymium magnets will work with this glass magnetic surface.


panel laminate glass

The visible design on the product is obtained by printing high resolution graphics on a layer of photographic laminate, which is then adhered to the bottom of the glass in the state-of-the-art nanotechnology process.

In addition, the graphics are protected against deterioration with the protective laminate. The entire assembly is sealed with a final layer of fixing coating. Additionally, all components are joined together by heat sealing layers.

This process has been specially designed to ensure a perfect adherence of the laminate to the product, avoiding the entry of air under the drawing and consequently the oxidation of the colors, in order to maintain an optimal saturation of the colors for many years, guaranteeing its quality and durability.

Please remember that the laminate is an integral part of the product and should not be removed.

Usage temperature The tempered glass withstands temperatures up to 240oC. The decorative laminate adhered behind the glass, however, can be damaged in contact with high, persistent temperatures or direct fire, so it is recommended to keep at least 7-10 cm space from the heat source (when it comes to fire from gas cookers). As far as induction or ceramic cookers are concerned, the minimum distance is not necessary as there is no direct fire source.
Caution - open flame What is more, please be careful not to place bigger pots or pans on the rear burners. The flames coming from under wider pots may be still touching the glass and thus exposing it to high temperatures and end up damaging the product. In other words, the panels should not be exposed to the direct, open flame or high temperature.
Cleaning The panel can be conveniently cleaned only with the use of soap and water or a damp cloth.
Monitor colour Remember that the colour settings of your monitor can influence how you perceive the colors of our products. All our designs are prepared in accordance with RGB colours chart.
Tempered glass – shades Please have in mind that glass has a naturally greenish or blue tint, so all light coloured boards may have a slightly greenish or bluish shade to them, almost invisible to the human eye
Checking measurements Before purchasing our product, please carefully check the measurements of the area or space where you want to place the glass board. Remember that after tempering process the glass cannot be cut, drilled or modified. Any attempt to physically modify the board would cause it to be damaged and broken (into thousands of pieces).
Dimensions Available in five versions: 80x32 cm (31,5” x 12,6”); 100x40 cm (39,4” x 15,75"); 112x45 cm (44,1” x 17,7"); 125x50 cm (49,2” x 19,7"); 137x55 cm (53,9” x 21,65"); 150x60 cm (59,1” x 23,6”)
Resistant properties Anti-scratch surface, resistant to impacts and scratches as well as resistant to bacteria and odors.


Shipping & Delivery

All delivery costs and rates are calculated during the ordering process and are determined according to the Client's country of destination.


When will my order arrive?

Items are shipped within 14 - 18 days from the order date. You will receive an email with a tracking number letting you know when your order is on its way and when will it arrive at your destination.


Can I track my order?

You can track your order at, or with your tracking number.



What if I require delivery to a remote international location?

We're here to help make delivery work for you. Please contact us for assistance with delivery to remote international locations, if not available in the countries list on our website, by sending us an e-mail at to facilitate the process.

Customised products

We offer any kind of customisation on all products!

If you didn't find a size that you're interested in, please let us know! You can change both the measurements, as well as the design of the product.

Please contact us on for more details.