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50 Key lock Box storage holder with Decorative front glass panel KN01 Marbles 1 Series: Blue marble leaves


Style: Right side opening

  • Right side opening
  • Left side opening
Vendor: Concept Crystal SKU: KN01_1001_1742995808Categories: Key Boxes, Key boxes: Textures and patterns Tags: Key cabinet, Keybox, Textures


Our Key Box comes with the personalized design of your choice and it’s also a handy Glass Magnetic Dry-Erase Board for all the family’s notes and messages!

This Key Box has been designed with elegance in mind - to be attractive and unique - and, at the same time, we’ve also focused on its usefulness and durability.

Built around a strong and durable black powder-coated steel frame with tempered glass (featuring your chosen design), the door serves as a magnetic surface (for use with neodymium magnets) or as a glass board where you can write, draw and paint with liquid chalk marker pens.

Tired of searching all around the house for keys? Well, you've finally found the perfect place to keep them!


Our multifunctional tempered glass key cabinets can serve various purposes.

First and foremost, they provide the perfect storage for all your keys. You won't have to keep wondering where all your keys are anymore! It will prove useful for you in your home as well as in your office.

Yet another great aspect about our key cabinets is that their tempered glass front panel can also be a wonderful artistic addition to your interior! Each design is like a work of art, it will brighten up your space and serve as a perfect decoration.

Additionally, due to magnetic properties of the front panel, you will be able to use the key box as your memo-board sticking to it your notes and reminders with the use of magnets*.

And that's not all there is - you can also use the glass surface as a white-board and write on it with liquid chalk markers! It will surely be appreciated by all members of your family, especially those who love making everyday to-do lists.

And all of this always maintaining an appearance of elegance and good taste thanks to the designs that are perfectly suited to any modern space in contemporary homes.

*Please have in mind that only strong, neodymium magnets will work with this glass magnetic surface.


panel laminate glass

The visible design on the product is obtained by printing high resolution graphics on a layer of photographic laminate, which is then adhered to the bottom of the glass in the state-of-the-art nanotechnology process.

In addition, the graphics are protected against deterioration with the protective laminate. The entire assembly is sealed with a final layer of fixing coating. Additionally, all components are joined together by heat sealing layers.

This process has been specially designed to ensure a perfect adherence of the laminate to the product, avoiding the entry of air under the drawing and consequently the oxidation of the colors, in order to maintain an optimal saturation of the colors for many years, guaranteeing its quality and durability.

The whole glass design is then mounted on the stainless-steel frontal panel of the key box to create a sturdy, high-quality and very decorative product.

Please remember that the laminate is an integral part of the product and should not be removed.

Product characteristics

Material Powder-coated black steel and tempered glass with sanded edges.
Capacity 50 hooks in 5 rows of 10
Installation Easy wall-mount with the use of 4 screws (screws included; however, please make sure they are suitable for your type of wall).
Monitor colour Remember that the colour settings of your monitor can influence how you perceive the colors of our products. All our designs are prepared in accordance with RGB colours chart.
Tempered glass – shades Please have in mind that glass has a naturally greenish or blue tint, so all light coloured boards may have a slightly greenish or bluish shade to them, almost invisible to the human eye.
Dimensions Length: 30cm (11.81"); Height: 30cm (11.81"); Depth: 5cm (1,97"). Before purchasing our product, please check carefully the measurements of the area or space where you want to mount the key cabinet.
Memo-board You can write on the front panel with liquid chalk markers and stick your notes with the use of very strong neodymium magnets.

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