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Chopping Board - Induction Cooktop Cover D21 Marbles 1 Series: Green marble leaves


size: single 60x52

  • single 60x52
  • double 2x30x52



Vast selection of designs and motifs that adapt perfectly to each space and room and create a perfect decoration for a kitchen in any style, both modern and classic.

Made of high quality tempered glass, these large and original multifunctional glass tables will be ideal for all types of homes and their styles.




Our multifunctional glass tables can serve various purposes.

They can be used as a practical induction cooktop cover to protect the cooking plates; as a splashback, to protect the walls from splashes and stains; as a worktop, to offer more space in the kitchen when we need it.In addition, it is a great cutting board, offering optimal hygiene during cutting and preparing food, but it can also be used as a pastry or kneading board allowing the dough to turn and lift easily.

Additionally, you can make use of our tables also as a support for your hot and large pots, after cooking your food, and at the same time you can use them as trays for hot dishes or to serve drinks.

And all this is possible while always maintaining an appearance of elegance and good taste thanks to the designs that are perfectly suited to any modern space in our homes.




The visible design on the product is obtained by printing high resolution graphics on a layer of photographic laminate, which is then adhered to the bottom of the glass in the state-of-the-art nanotechnology process.

In addition, the graphics are protected against deterioration with the protective laminate. The entire assembly is sealed with a final layer of fixing coating. Additionally, all components are joined together by heat sealing layers.

This process has been specially designed to ensure a perfect adherence of the laminate to the product, avoiding the entry of air under the drawing and consequently the oxidation of the colors, in order to maintain an optimal saturation of the colors for many years, guaranteeing its quality and durability.

Please remember that the laminate is an integral part of the product and should not be removed.



Corners and edges are rounded

The product has rounded corners and edges, to protect against any type of cut or injury. In addition, the materials used in its manufacture are durable and safe for the health of your family (they do not contain BPA or lead).

Anti-sleep feet

Small anti-sleep feet - glued to the back of the tabletop - ensure the stability of the glass table, while protecting the surface of the induction hob or table against bumps and scratches.
  • The anti-slip feet are attached separately on a blister or in a small envelope, for later installation, according to your needs.


Highest quality

The use of state-of-the-art technology during manufacturing, together with the quality of the materials used for production, guarantee the highest quality of our products.


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Surprise your family and friends with our extraordinary and original designs!


Product characteristics

Usage temperature The upper part of the tempered glass table withstands temperatures up to 240ºC. The decorative laminate of the lower part, however, can be damaged in contact with high temperatures, so it is recommended to place hot dishes only on the side of the glass. Therefore, the board should NOT be placed on the induction, electric or gas cooker immediately after cooking. Let it cool down first to avoid damaging the design.
Scratch and cut resistant You can safely use "normal" knives to cut on the board. Remember, however, that we do not recommend the use of ceramic or diamond-based knives - their components are harder than those of the tempered glass itself, so they could scratch and consequently damage the surface of the board.
Cleaning and dishwasher The table can be conveniently cleaned only with the use of soap and water or a damp cloth, but it can also be washed in the dishwasher.
Rubber feet The small anti-slip rubber feet, 4 mm high, give our boards a modern look, guaranteeing at the same time their stability and safety in use and preventing them from moving or falling.
Monitor colour Remember that the colour settings of your monitor can influence how you perceive the colors of our products. All our designs are prepared in accordance with RGB colours chart.
Tempered glass – shades Please have in mind that glass has a naturally greenish or blue tint, so all light coloured boards may have a slightly greenish or bluish shade to them, almost invisible to the human eye.
Gas cookers We know that many of our Customers use our tables with gas cookers. We recommend the use of higher legs to move the table away from the surface of your gas cooker and avoid direct contact with it, in order not to damage the bottom part of the board with the decorative laminate (the design). Remember not to place the board on your gas stove before letting it cool enough.
Checking measurements Before purchasing our product, please carefully check the measurements of the area or space where you want to place the glass board. Remember that after tempering process the glass cannot be cut, drilled or modified. Any attempt to physically modify the board would cause it to be damaged and broken (into thousands of pieces).
Health and food hygiene Unlike wood or plastic, the smooth and non-porous surface of glass makes the glass table resistant to stains and to the absorption and mixing of smells and colors of different foods. Thanks to its hygienic properties, the tempered glass cutting board helps prevent bacterial contamination and the mixture of flavors and aromas of raw and hot or cold food.
Dimensions Available in two versions: one piece 60 cm wide and 52 cm high (23,62” x 20,47”); two pieces of 30 cm wide and 52 cm high each (2 x 11,81” x 20,47”)
Resistant properties Anti-scratch surface, resistant to impacts and scrapes as well as resistant to bacteria and odors.

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